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Oven Door Hinge Replacement Ballarat

Oven doors have 2  hinges, a left and right hinge so the oven door can open and close smoothly firmly. When hinges fail, often the oven door won’t stay closed, won’t close properly or hangs at an angle. This is usually caused by a damaged or bent hinge. It’s best to replace both hinges at the same time.

On some brands the same hinge is used for both sides. Other ovens may require individual left and right hinges so it’s best left to an experienced professional for a oven door hinge replacement.

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The biggest reason we suggest any oven door hinge replacement is carried out by a professional repairman is that if the oven door hinges are fitted incorrectly, damage may be caused.

Oven door glass can shatter and / or the oven door hinge supports may twist and bend out of shape which can cost a significant amount as a new oven door glass is extremely expensive for majority of oven brands.

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