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Electric Oven Installation

We know you are excited about getting your new oven installed! We are too. Whether you are baking family favorite chewy Anzac biscuits, creating your signature stir fry, or whipping up a Zumbo inspired masterpiece of a special birthday cake, we know you want to get your new oven working asap!

That’s where our handy electric oven installation Ballarat service comes in.

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Ask The Professionals

What’s the electric oven installation cost? The cost can vary depending on if your appliance is a free standing cooker, built in oven installation, or separate cooktop and oven.

Chat with us at Repair Oven today for a quote for your oven installation Ballarat and surrounding areas.

What Will Your Oven Installer Do?

Fully Licensed Oven Installers

We have fully licensed electricians who can get your new oven fitted and installed in a couple of hours. Our work is certified so you can be confident everything has been taken care of as it should be. We repair only electric ovens

Repair Oven doesn’t only repair ovens in Ballarat, our experienced oven repair technicians can help you with our electric oven installation Ballarat services from under counter oven installation, built in oven installation and oven seal replacements.

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Which Installation Style is Right For You?

Not all kitchens are built the same. And the oven you purchased will determine the installation options. The design and layout of the kitchen plays an integral part in which installation is available. Basically there are 3 installation options and it’s handy to have an understanding what the differences are!

 The 3 oven installation service options are -free-standing, slide-in and built-in. Lets take a look at each option so you can make the best decision for your oven installation Ballarat

What is A Freestanding Oven?

This type is the most common and the simplest to install. Freestanding electric ovens also call upright cookers, generally have the cooktop incorporated on top of the oven with a backsplash.. These models sit on the kitchen floor.

The Main Advantage…

The main advantage of buying a freestanding oven is it’s one complete package. It fits snugly into the existing gap in your standard cabinetry cutout, unless the oven is a less popular size. Free standing ovens are finished on both sides.

This simply means they can be stand alone and look good. They can be installed with cabinetry on both sides or one side only. Generally electric ovens feature oven controls on the backsplash, whereas gas ovens will have controls at the front.

Easy To Clean

They offer stress free cleaning with enamel easy clean, pyrolytic self-clean or catalytic liners. You can take it with you if you move house too.

What Is A Built In Oven?

Cooktops and ovens can either be electric or gas or a combination, known as dual fuel. They may be either built in or freestanding. If you have purchased a gas cooktop or oven you will need a plumber to install the gas component. 

Built-in ovens are literally built into the kitchen cabinetry. Sometimes they may feature a separate cooktop which is located in a different part of the kitchen.

These ovens offer the most seamless, integrated built in looks of all the installation options. They generally require some custom work for a neat built in appearance and may have a strip of cabinetry under the oven.

They are similar in appearance to slide in ovens as they have controls on the front and no backsplash. The sides are unfinished so they must be installed with cabinetry on either side.

The choice is of conventional, fan or multi-function ovens. The cooktop can be located elsewhere in the kitchen

What Is A Slide In Oven?

The main difference between free standing and slide-inovens is installation. As we discussed freestanding ovens can stand alone or be installed between cabinets.

The difference is slide in ovens have unfinished sides and are specifically designed to fit in between cabinets for a seamless look. Plus, they’re a little bit wider on top to overlap the countertop to create a built-in look

The control configuration layout is also different. The controls for slide-in ovens are usually found either at the top or front of the appliance. They don’t have backsplash which is why you’ll see tiles installed behind the oven.

The sleek modern appearance of slide in ovens makes them popular choices for modern kitchens, kitchen remodels and kitchen islands. Another great feature, the overhanging sides work to keep food from falling down into gaps between the cooktop and counter.

So, we’d like to help you with your oven installation service. And we are very happy to help if you need some advice on the best way to install the new oven or even which are the most reliable oven brands to buy. There are some brands which are far more reliable than others!! 

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